Armand Brac

I totally dig this! I love the composition as well as the title, which drew my attention to it. The ambiguity made it stick in my head. I had and still have no clue as to how it all fits together. I wanted to do a cool write up on the meaning, so I asked my boyfriend what his take on it was.

He looked at it a while and said he didn’t like it because he couldn’t find a pattern or cohesion in this piece. He’s like, “The pieces don’t make sense! This could be a bus ticket…This is just a swirl…I don’t like it!”

He likes order and patterns and things he can “figure out.” Me, I’m a little more comfortable with uncertainty.

Armand Brac is French artist who has been creating ambiguous paper collages with cool names since 2012.

If you dig this as much as I do, use my link to purchase.

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