Sandra Stark: Natural Still Lifes

Episode 64: Today I meet & chat with Howard Yezerski, of The Howard Yezerski Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts, about Sandra Stark’s  atypical artwork.  You’ll get to see my opinion change in real-time.

Eliot's Pot flowers squirrel

Eliot’s Pot, 2017, Archival digital prints, 23 x 20 in.

By Fire

By Fire, 2017, Archival digital prints, 18.5 x 25.5 inches

For Egon, Flora and Jeffrey meat bug watches necklaces

For Egon, Flora and Jeffrey, 2017,
Archival digital print,
25.25 x 18.25 inches

All images used with permission.

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John O’Reilly: New Territory exhibit at The Howard Yezerski Gallery

Episode 63 : Today I talk with Howard Yezerski of The Howard Yezerski Gallery in Boston Massachusetts about the John O’Reilly exhibit, New Territory.

Sailor Suit

Sailor Suit, 2014, Crayon paper montage, 17 x 14 in.

At the Piano

At the Piano, 2016, Pencil, half-tone, color paper collage 17x13in


Models, 2017, Paper collage, 18 x 15

Coffee Pot

Coffee Pot, 2016, Pencil/crayon collage 16 x20

All images used with permission.

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A Feeling for Form

Episode 41 : Taking visual art beyond the visual experience. For over three decades the Museum of Fine Arts Boston has been committed to giving the blind and the visually impaired access to the museum’s full collection through audio tours, tactile art cards, audio-tactile books, and self-contained tours.  In addition the MFA Boston offers its guests A Feeling for Form, a program in which trained volunteers lead blind and visually impaired guests through tactile exploration of selected sculpture and furniture, and use audio descriptions and tactile materials for other works of art.  Brooke talks with Manager of Accessibility, Hannah Goodwin, and Senior Curator of Contemporary Art, Jen Mergel, about the program and how experiencing visual art in this way not only grants the blind access but also gives the sighted guest, curator and artist a new perspective on the work.




All images used with permission.



Episode 28 : Today I talk with Claire Carino of the Au Gallery  in Boston. We talked all about the Elements exhibition which is going on until June 18th.

au gallery 1

Artists Joerg Dressler and Christie Scheele both engage with and challenge the tradition of landscape painting in Gold Gallery’s exhibition Elements. Dressler’s pieces reflect on what he calls the “unpredictability and mysteries of nature”— the “inherently tame and wild, soothing and disturbing, exciting and frightening, just and unjust…all at once.” His observations of our modern day relationship to nature, as a second hand experience, inspire his choices of shape, gesture, color and division within his pieces. Scheele creates a minimalist representation of a place, where a scene is reduced to it’s essentials, leaving out distractions and visual clutter. This allows the viewer to react to the atmospheric quality made by the soft edges and thoughtful color choices.

au gallery - 2

au gallery 3

CHRISTIE SCHEELE, Blue Tidal Pool, Oil on Linen, 20 x 24″


JOERG DRESSLER, Entropy High XIV, Oil on Canvas, 72 x 48


All images used with permission