My chat with Charlotte Botanical Painter, Travis Johnson

Episode 236: Today I chat with Charlotte art educator and artist, Travis Johnson about his practice, We talk about being an art educator. We talk about his recent ArtPop successes & lots more. Make a note on your calendar that he will be having an exhibit at the Bliss Gallery in July 2024.

All images used with permission.

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Brooke and Lulu discuss Gabriele Munter’s Abstract, also known as Middle Light Blue, Oval

Welcome to our very first Gallery Gals chat, where Brooke and artist, Lulu Schwall discuss a piece of art they like. This was my pick, by 19th century artist Gabriele Munter, who worked with Kandinsky and the Blue Rider group. It’s called simply, Abstract, also known as Middle Light Blue, Oval.

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My chat with curators, Henry Skerritt & Fred Meyers of the Kluge Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection

Episode 232: Today I talk to Henry Skerritt and Fred & Fred Meyers of the Kluge-Ruhe Museum at the University of Virginia. This shows 50 years of of Papunya Tula artists. We talk about who the Papunya Tula artists were and why their work is still relevant. This exhibition goes until Feb. 26, 2023.

“Kungka Kutjarra Tjukurrpa (Two Women Dreaming)” by Tatali Nangala (Pintupi, 1928-1999), synthetic polymer paint on canvas. Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection of UVA, Gift of John W. Kluge, 1997..jpg

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My chat with Scottish painter, Luna Smith

Episode 214: Today I talk to artist, Luna Smith…all the way in Scotland. She has her own gallery, but she is also in the Saatchi gallery. I met her after I used one of her pieces as one of my Coup de Coeurs. She reached out to me and I knew I had to have her on the show. She tells me the inspiration behind her vivid, colorful paintings. Also, she can SEE music…literally.

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Original Landscape Painting by Luna Smith | Fine Art Art on Canvas | Icy River
Original Landscape Painting by Luna Smith | Fine Art Art on Canvas | Icy River

All images used with permission.

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Mike burgher self portrait

The art of Iowa transplant, Michael Burgher

Episode 164: Today I chat with artist, Michael Burgher. I found his channel on YouTube and knew I had to talk to him. He has a deep love of art history and a cool Surrealistic/Dada style to his painting: two things that equate to someone I want to hang out with.


All images used with permission.

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Airing Out the Dirty Laundry Exhibition at the Mint Museum

Episode 161: Today I talk to Andrea Downs, who is here, in Charlotte. She created the Airing Out the “Dirty” Laundry installation, that is currently at the Mint Museum of Charlotte. But Airing Out the “Dirty” Laundry is also an ongoing community art movement that responds to the silencing of women. Both create space to share experiences through visual storytelling. This installation is the collective voices of nearly 400 “Laundry Day” participants that have chosen to share their visual narratives.

All images used with permission.

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Stephanie Paige, Southern Californian abstract artist

Episode 159: Today I talk to Stephanie Paige. She’s an artist in Southern California. We talk art, we talk meditation circles, we talk Buddhism, we talk about attachments, & a whole lot more…

Dare, Stephanie Paige
Intuitive, Stephanie Paige

All images used with permission.

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Jane Boutwell, Atlanta artist

Episode 155: Today I talk to Atlanta-based artist, Jane Boutwell. We talk about her new collection, Signs of Life, her new membership program, The Growing  Creative Fellowship, new ventures, & a whole lot more!

Soul Sprouting, Signs of Life





All images used with permission.

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A Muffled Sound Underwater exhibition at the Latchkey Gallery

Episode 150: Today I talk with artists Alteronce Gumby & Tariku Shiferaw about their A Muffled Sound Underwater exhibition, which questions the historical context of the color black & how these perceptions influence our responses. This exhibition is put on in conjunction with the Latchkey Gallery. It is showing at 361 Canal Street in NYC, by appointment only from February 21 – March 28, 2020.

An iteration of the exhibition will continue to Mehari Sequar Gallery in collaboration with the Smithsonian Museum in June, 2020.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue produced by LatchKey Gallery with an essay by Niama Safia Sandy.

Dominique Duroseau, Settlement boundaries, considered (2019), [Black on Black on Black with Black series], Faux fur coat, tarp, vinyl floor tiles, bubble wrap, cotton thread , 53 x 96 in 

All images used with permission

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Bree Stallings, Charlotte artist: To Be Seen & Celebrated exhibition

Episode 149: You can’t deny that eyes are the window to the soul. Today I go on-site to see Bree Stallings’s solo exhibition, To be Seen & Celebrated. Bree & I chat about the project behind the exhibition, where she was commissioned to paint 100 individual eyeballs in memory of a loved one.

Bree gives a percentage of it to the residents Brookhill Village, an affordable housing community in Charlotte, for eye exams & glasses.

To be Seen & Celebrated, c. Bree Stallings

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