Jonay Di Ragno & I talk fashion, murals, art & more

Episode 558: Listen as I chat with Spanish painter, muralist artist, fashion designer, & influencer, Jonay Di Ragno. I met Jonay at a group exhibition that he was in, in Charlotte. He was so FAB, I knew I had to have him on the pod. We talk about what inspires him, why he doesn’t limit himself to one thing…and how he juggles it all.

“Your presence does not need to be large to be seen, is the intensity of an honesty of that light….like a spark of NEON.” Friend, Art Connoisseur, HAZEL

If you are in the Charlotte-area, you definitely do NOT want to miss Jonay’s exclusive presentation by The Charlotte Fashion Collective

To find out more about Jonay’s Art Classes, Murals, upcoming exhibitions, or group talks, text 980.335.9889 or email

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Spanish Sculptor, Marta Dominguez and I talk Alter- Ego Cows and more

Episode 557: Today I talk to Marta Dominguez, sculptor in Spain. She is an engineer, by trade and she does these unique sculptures with NEWSPAPERS! I fell in love with her Alter-Ego Cows online & knew I had to have her on to chat. She is also a member of the No Name Collective Gallery.

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My chat with NC sculptor, Allison Luce

Episode 547: Today I talk to NC ceramicist and sculptor, Allison Luce. I met Allison at The Garden of Earthly Delights exhibition at the Lexicon Gallery, where I saw her beautiful flowers. I knew I had to get her on the pod. She talks about her background in art and how she came to be a sculptor, her inspirations, and her process.

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