C24 Gallery

From the Cradle to the Boat

Episode 81: Today I talk with Michelle Maigret from the C24 Gallery in NYC. We talk about the fabulous group exhibition From the Cradle to the Boat. It is curated by Tommy HartungIt will be showing until August 25, 2018.


C24_From The Cradle To The Boat_ insitu_1

Justin Cloud, Club Foot


C24_From The Cradle To The Boat_ insitu_2

Installation shot, Tommy White, Useless; Monilola Ilupeju, Untitled Self Portrait #1 (To live freely in this body)


C24_From The Cradle To The Boat_ insitu_3C24_From The Cradle To The Boat_ insitu_4

C24_From The Cradle To The Boat_ insitu_6(1000)

Installation shot: Jeremy Olson, Return to Formless Island

C24_From The Cradle To The Boat_ insitu_7

Installation shot: Miki Carmi, Red Dad


C24_From The Cradle To The Boat_ insitu_12

Clark Filio, Panzer and Girl


All images used with permission


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Psychic Compound

Episode 46:  The C24 Gallery in New York City is featuring the creations of London artist Nick Gentry in an exhibition entitled Psychic Compound, which will run through September 2, 2016.  Gentry incorporates found objects such as film negatives, VHS tapes, X-rays, and floppy discs into his paintings; paintings that are not only striking portraiture but also thought provoking insight into the ever accelerating speed of technological innovation and obsolescence.

Brooke talked with Gentry and exhibition curator  Michelle Maigret about Psychic Compound, the inspiration for and influences on Gentry’s art, and about the arc of his career to this point.




Hero and Leander

Episode 33: Today I talk to Michelle Maigret. of The C24 Gallery in New York City. We talk about Carole Fuerman’s hyperrealist Hero & Leander’ exhibition. 

hero & leanderCarole Feuerman, Leda and the Swan, 2015, lacquer on resin 42 x 90 x 80 in (106.68 x 228.6 x 203.2 cm) http://www.c24gallery.com/exhibitions-detail/carole


Carole Feuerman, DurgaMA, 2015, oil on bronze, 101 x 91 x 90 in (256.54 x 231.14 x 228.6 cm)

cihgf5yuoaacoms     CAROLE FEUERMAN, Monumental Quan, 2015, Painted bronze and stainless steel 67 x 60    x 43in. (170.2 x 152.4 x 109.2cm.)

All images used with permission