My chat with Khalil Kinsey about The Kinsey Collection at the Tacoma Art Museum

Episode 189: Today I get to chat with curator, Khalil Kinsey of the Tacoma Art Museum about a traveling exhibition that is very personal to him. His parents have collected rare African-American art during their 50 year marriage. They have some really rare treasures and now The Kinsey Collection is touring. I get the inside scoop from Khalil on what it was like to grow up with these treasures as well as curate this exhibition.

Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral, Phyllis Wheatley

Untitled, Hale Woodruff

Cover Photo: The Cultivators, Samuel Dunson 2000

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My chat with Abstract Expressionist painter, Cheryl Johnson

Episode 188: Today I talk to Charlotte artist, Cheryl Johnson. I found her through an article on Joan Mitchell [posted below] and I knew I HAD to talk to her. Cheryl’s an abstract expressionist painter, photographer, sculptor, portraitist, and anything else she puts her mind to….and talented in all of her endeavors. She is a true renaissance woman.

CherylJohnson_ADMIRINGWOLFKAHN_Barn5_N°2018176_© 2017_ Pastel on sand Paper. 2017_14″ H X 11″W_CIE
Mon Amie (My Friend), Cheryl Johnson


All images used with permission.

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My chat with painter, photographer, Keli Reule

Episode 187: Today I catch up with now-Louisiana artist, Keli Reule [She was in Georgia when we last talked] She’s still doing cool stuff. We cover it all,  earning money,  switching gears. We get into some real deep, existential topics that she had a very informative and helpful perspective on.

She’s also got a solo exhibition at 801 Baronne St

Cinder, Keli Reule
Isle Dans La Mer, Keli Reule

All images used with permission, c. Keli Reule

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Maite Gomez-Rejon of Artbitesón-6121-5.04-PM.mp3

Episode 186: Today I talk to Maite Gomez-Rejon of Artbites. She has created such a fabulous career combining her two passions [and mine]; food and art into classes, exhibitions and writing. It is so cool, I wanted to find out how she does it.

The Matisse exhibition at the San Antonio Museum of Art
Cooking at the Matisse exhibition at the San Antonio Museum of Art

Sam Tufnell

Episode 185: Today I talk to New York sculptor, Sam Tufnell about his unique sculptures, his process, living in different places, galleries opening up after CoVid & his upcoming show at the Five Myles gallery in Brooklyn on June 5th, 2021. This was so fun!

Stormcatcher Installation with IV Gallery, 2020. Volta, NY.
Stormcatcher Installation detail with IV Gallery, 2020. Volta, NY.

All images used with permission.

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Kimberli Esther Art

Episode 184: Today I talk to Kimberli Spolar of Kimberli Esther Art. We talk angels, Starbucks, quarantine blessings, fashion, and much more.

Angel Psalm 91:11

Light Drives Out Darkness
Miracles 1 & 2

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Grayson Dewyer

Episode 183: Today I talk with Charlotte artist and serial entrepreneur, Grayson Dewyer. I met her on my neighborhood Nextdoor page during a discussion about Acrylic Pour Art. Some neighbors had started doing it as a means to keep busy during quarantine. Grayson commented, Pour Art is what got me back into art and enabled me to start my own business. I knew I had to talk with her. She’s still finding her niche, which is what’s so exciting!

Abstract face painting
Floral Pistol

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Laura Jane Petelko

Episode 182: Today I talk to Canadian artist, Laura Jane Petelko. Her work explores the psychology of our connectedness, self image & times of transformation. We talk about her Endless Gone and Soft Stories series. These pictures are from her Soft Stories series.

All images used with permission.

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David Ruggeri

Episode 181: Today I talk to St. Louis professor-turned-artist, David Ruggeri. You can’t help but be drawn to his eye-catching patterns, with bold texture, that you just want to touch. We talk about his inspiration, juggling careers, his passion for wildlife, St. Louis, & much more…

36” X 36”

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Jim Rennert

Episode 180: Today I chat with MONUMENTAL sculptor, Jim Rennert from NYC. I was so intrigued with his lifesize sculptures that I had to find out more. How did he get into this? How long does it take to create one of these? Who are his customers? Listen to find out…

Think Big
Photo by 62021002614/CAPEHART Taken on Thursday, January 16, 2020. Copyright Capehart Photography 2020

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