“Always Create,” James Burke: L.A. Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer, & Pyrographer

Episode 213: Today I talk to L.A artist, James Burke whose motto is Always Create, whether its design, photography, videography, pyrography…whatever. He actually lived in Charlotte for a while, but I met him on LinkedIn.

Concrete and Coping
Skate Park creates an interesting abstract image

All images used with permission. c. JB4 media

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My chat with Charlotte Polymer Clay artist, Laura Brosi

Episode 212: Today I talk to Charlotte polymer clay artist, Laura Brosi. I catch up with her as she is getting ready to go see Jesus Christ Superstar. We talk cats, we talk clay, we talk process, we talk about why she specialized her practice to polymer. I wanted to get a shot of her dress, because it’s FAB-U-LOUS.

Before 1940, the term jeep was US army slang for new recruits or vehicles, but the World War II jeep that went into production in 1941 specifically referred to the light military vehicle – making them the oldest four-wheel drive mass production vehicles now known as SUVs.

Commission for SHRED Charlotte auction, Skatedeck Artshow benefits families of kids who are born with extraordinary medical conditions.
Private Commission

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All images used with permission.

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My chat with Charlotte artist, Carla Aaron Lopez about her pandemic-inspired, Outside In exhibition at the Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art

Episode 211: Today I talk to Carla Aaron Lopez, curator at the Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art about her fabulous show Outside In, which I saw last week. It showcased the work some Atlanta artists had done during the quarantine. We talk about how she produced this exhibit as well as her own art practice.

Michi Meko:Tucked: Unknown Direction of Travel. Broken Needle, (2021)
Codi Maddox, Bac to doin Me, Mixed media, 60 x 60

Featured photo, Carla in front of Zipporah Joe’l Matthew 27:46 Acrylic on canvas 72 x 42

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My chat with Michael Haithcock & Laura Brosi about the Charlotte East signal box project

Episode 210: Today I chat with Charlotte artist, Laura Brosi and art activist Michael Haithcock about the Charlotte East Signal Box project. I found out Laura was going to be featured on one in our neighborhood and I wanted to learn more.

This is the 2015 ArtPop billboard Laura was featured on.

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My chat with Charlotte collagist John [Trey] Miles

Episode 209: Today I chat with uber-collage artist, John Miles. [who I also chatted with on episode 206]. We talk about the intricacies and science of collage, why they call him Trey, and why he doesn’t want to be Romare Bearden.

John Miles
John Miles
John Miles

All images used with permission.

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Life as Art: my chat with artist, author, & pastor, Troy Bronsink

Episode 208: Today I talk with artist, author and pastor Troy Bronsink. He’s just come off of sabbatical, published a book, Drawn In. He founded a place called The Hive, a center for contemplation, art, and action, in Ohio in 2015 and is now looking for his next adventure.

All images used with permission.

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My chat with Charlotte music photographer, Daniel Coston [he snaps legends]

Episode 207: Today I talk to Charlotte’s own Daniel Coston, who has made a career out of taking pictures of legends. His resume includes, Andy Griffith, BB King, The Avett Brothers, and many many more. He’s currently got an exhibition, A Symphony For The Road at the Earl Scruggs center. He is also in The North Carolina Music Hall of Fame and the Charlotte Museum of History.

Morris Day, Daniel Coston [This is my favorite]

BB King, Daniel Coston

Avett Brothers, Daniel Coston

Kid Rock, Daniel Coston

You can check out Daniel’s books here. [This site uses affiliate links]

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Talking VAPA with Joanne Rogers & Trey Miles

Episode 206: Today I chat with Joanne Rogers and Trey Miles about the VAPA [Visual and Performing Arts] center in Charlotte. It was created by 10 anchor arts organizations to give studio space for artists of all disciplines to practice, take classes, rehearse, and perform. It currently houses 120 artists and it has a waiting list.

Joanne is a founding member, board member and curator for VAPA (Visual And Performing Arts) Center, the founder of The Palette Table, and owner of Nine Eighteen Nine Studio Gallery, the largest Fine Art Gallery in VAPA: where the America Gentrified Exhibit took place.

Trey is a Charlotte collagist and a member of The Palette Table.

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Kates-Ferri Projects, a new NYC art residency that redefines the role of the gallery

Episode 205: Today I talk with Natalie Kates about her newest venture, with her husband Fabrizio Ferri, Kates-Ferri Projects, a new gallery in New York City. She talks about how 2 years ago, her and her husband started collecting artists instead of collecting art. By redefining the role of the gallery, she wants to cultivate the next generation of artists.

Kevin Sabo, Potential Connection
Nicole Basilone, Botany

My chat with Homeless Artist, David Tovey about how art saved his life

Episode 204: Today I talk to UK photographer, painter, and installation artist David Tovey about his how art literally saved his life. He went from being homeless and suicidal to finding purpose and sharing inspiration through art. You can now find his work at the Tate and Christies. [I found him at the Rochester Art Gallery in the UK].

From his Unknown Soldier film

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