Dania Sierra

I was surprised to find that the two surrealist figures in conversation  in the painting were actually an animal and a human. The keywords seem to suggest a bird, but I see more of a fox like creature. Cubism is always up for interpretation, in my book. It could be a mythological creature, which could have characteristics of both. Whatever it is, it’s really intriguing. I can’t seem to look away.

Dania Sierra was born in Cuba where she has run her own graphic design business for over 20 years.

“My paintings are journeys through the spiritual worlds of imaginative entities which speak of pain, hope, freedom, nurturing, love and the immortality that exists within all of us. These feelings are resurfaced and unveiled through images of birds, amorphous figures, and abstract surroundings placing the viewer in the magical mystical world of unconscious thought.”

If you dig this as much as I do, it is in the Saatchi Gallery. Here is my link for a discount.

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