Female Artists

People are always saying that female artists have been and are underrepresented. I wasn’t so sure, so I went on a quest to find some. I found a lot, but I didn’t really recognize a lot of their names. So, I’ve compiled an ongoing list of my discoveries.


Artemisia Gentileschi

Mary Beale

Élisabeth Sophie Chéron

Maria Theresa van Thielen


Lavinia Fontana

Fede Galizia

Victorian Artists

Margaret Gillies


Mary Cassatt

Berthe Morrisot

Eva Gonzalès

Marie Bracquemond

Cecilia Beaux

Abstract Expressionists

Lee Krasner

Joan Mitchell

Helen Frankenthaler

Elaine de Kooning

Michael West

Alma Thomas

Jay DeFeo

Sonia Gechtoff

Gabriele Munter

Irish Artists

Sarah Cecelia Harrison

Sarah Pursor

Letitia Bushe


Frida Khalo


Georgia O’ Keefe