Welcome to the podcast!

Let’s Talk Art with Brooke is a weekly podcast where I feature a current exhibition I fancy from any gallery anywhere in the world. I talk to the curator and get the skinny. How cool is that? It’s like bringing the exhibition to my own living room. But it gets cooler; I want you to join me.

I’ll be posting everything from pics and artist interviews on my blog. Why am I doing this, you ask? Because I want to see fine art more accessible to the public. Especially the public that doesn’t think much about art, the public that is alienated from art, the public that feels art is insignificant.

You can help support Lets Talk Art With Brooke by clicking on the LTAWB Listener Survey button below.  The survey is rather long (two or three minutes to complete) and asks some questions you should feel free to skip over.  Your answers will help me to improve the show and ensure that I can continue to podcast these conversations with interesting people throughout the art world. Thank you.



hotspur media


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