Carmella Jarvi, New Projects with Water-inspired Glass

Episode 194: It’s been way too long since I spoke with Charlotte Glass Artist, Carmella Jarvi. I get to catch up on all of her new projects…. Some exciting commissions. A local hospital and a private residence, among others. Some CoVid projects, and just catching up in general. Always a great chat.

She gives some insight into the life of an full time artist [married to another full time artist] and some practical entrepreneurial tips, as well.

This image is an installation shot of summer “water glass” commission for private residence on Lake Norman, NC. 
Fun to note, Lake Norman is where Carmella grew up… from her birth, enjoying the water with her family at her grandparent’s lake house.

For this commission, she worked with husband and wife. First, seeing their space, the wall, and their diverse art collection/style. She brought a few available water glass rounds that would create the foundation for new work. They agreed on adding more contrast through opaque layering of focal points/colors. One of the cool things about this piece is (like all Carmella’s glass installations) it looks completely different throughout the day… as the light changes/moves and the water is literally reflected on this wall/piece as the sun sets.

The “water glass” rounds were installed off-set (Her signature look using Hang Your Glass hardware) on a warm textured wallpaper.

The featured photo:

This is a studio shot from Carmella’s Atrium Health Union West wall-mounted glass commission through Skyline Art.
She uses Bullseye Glass (need to use the same kind of glass for longevity of work), and her four kilns (with cold working in between) to create these custom water glass rounds. 

Atrium Health Union West is a different kind of hospital, focused on hope and healing. Their commitment to this is reflected in commissioning local/regional artists to create custom artwork that will energize the spaces and offer moments of reflection for the patients, their families, and hospital team mates.

This commission is for the admitting area for Emergency Dept. The “water glass” rounds will be installed off-set (Carmella’s signature look using Hang Your Glass hardware) on a gorgeous teal blue-green wall.

See more of Carmella’s process on her Instagram.

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