Matt Elzweig, My Lockdown Sketchbook

Episode 198: Today I chat with NYC artist, Matt Elzweig [who I heard on Chris Guillibeau’s Side Hustle School] about his My Lockdown Sketchbook project. [He spent his lockdown sketching NYC sights and things around him]. I always love hearing about cool things people do with their unexpected free time that the pandemic brought them. This is a great story.

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All images used with permission.

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  1. Brooke: I taught Matt everything he knows. I’m his father! He is decidedly more talented than I in many ways, but I’ve learned that insanity is an inherited trait. You get it from your kids….Good interview; I enjoyed it very much. Thanks. –Jay Elzweig–

  2. Thanks Jay! I really enjoyed the interview too. Matt is very talented…& he’s also ambitious. I’ve found that a good combination of ambition & insanity is what you need to succeed in life ;)…b

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