My chat with Charlotte music photographer, Daniel Coston [he snaps legends]

Episode 207: Today I talk to Charlotte’s own Daniel Coston, who has made a career out of taking pictures of legends. His resume includes, Andy Griffith, BB King, The Avett Brothers, and many many more. He’s currently got an exhibition, A Symphony For The Road at the Earl Scruggs center. He is also in The North Carolina Music Hall of Fame and the Charlotte Museum of History.

Morris Day, Daniel Coston [This is my favorite]

BB King, Daniel Coston

Avett Brothers, Daniel Coston

Kid Rock, Daniel Coston

You can check out Daniel’s books here. [This site uses affiliate links]

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  1. Picasso painted this piece in 1844 as an homage to Ingres’s Portrait of Madame Moitessier.
    >>You might want to correct this…Picasso was not alive in 1844.

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