My chat with Latchkey Gallery NYC curator, Charles Moore about the Tempus Fugit group exhibition

Episode 218: Today I chat with Charles Moore, curator at the Latchkey Gallery in NYC about the Tempus Fugit group exhibition.

The exhibition’s purpose is to inspire the strength and resilience needed to endure the 24-hour news cycle that leaves people feeling broken and discouraged. Through their impactful creations, this group of 11 impressive artists offer comfort and inspiration as they continue to work towards a fair, equal and diverse country.

“From the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep, we’re bombarded with a constant stream of negative news, ranging from inconvenient to apocalyptic…. Every day, we experience a new traumatic event, making it difficult to focus and forcing us into survival mode from one day to the next. These issues make it exceptionally difficult to enjoy our day to day lives, and rob artists of time to focus on creating meaningful art.”

Tempus Fugit represents a group of artists who have forced themselves to step back and observe society in a meaningful way, with their resulting artwork helping us to make sense of the chaos that surrounds us. Their thought-provoking creations address issues dominating today’s headlines, such as systemic racism, women’s rights, American democracy, voting rights, and the LGBTQ community’s fight for equality. Participating artists include Chellis Baird, Kevin Claiborne, Lindsey Brittain Collins, Leah DeVun, Camille Hoffman, Keli Safia Maksud, Emmanuel Massillon, Lydia Nobles, Calli Roche, Telvin Wallace and Esteban Whiteside.

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Art conveys the words the artist often might not have been able to speak aloud. In, The Black Market: A guide to art collecting, Charles, a long-time art collector and art historian, introduces novice collectors and would be collectors to the art world, its deep roots, its connections to our pasts, and its hopes for our future. 

If you ever wanted to become a collector, wanted to learn more about the African American art, or want to deepen your knowledge, The Black Market: A guide to art collecting is a fascinating, immersive, and essential guide to developing a meaningful and awe-inspiring collection.

In The Brilliance of the Color Black, Moore captures the essence of exceptional Black artists, through interviews and dialogues exploring their quests for recognition of their brilliance.

Moore touches on the powerful relationships between collectors and artists, as well as on the intricate and fascinating business of art ownership, from managing your assets to supporting the growth of Black art through sponsorship and involvement.

The color black evokes a myriad of emotions, and that’s what makes it one of the most impactful shades on the palette wheel.

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