Hilma of Klint, The Ten Largest No. 7, Adulthood

Hilma of Klimt art

I really dig this The Ten Largest No. 7, Adulthood painting by Hilma of Klint. It’s hard to believe she did this in 1907. She was waaaay ahead of her time. She was doing abstract art before it was abstract art [before Kandinsky and Mondrian].

The Ten Largest No. 7 Adulthood is number 7 in a series of large scale paintings depicting lifecycles from childhood to old age. They are all hodgepodges of decorative curliques, botanical notations, fantasy figures, and notations; all inspired by spiritualism and symbolism. [She was into Anthroposophy, Theosophy, and Rosicrucianism, among others]

She left over a thousand paintings behind when she died in 1944, which no one had ever seen, as well as a collection of notebooks. She loved to learn and explored new concepts through her art.

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