Isamu Noguchi, Black Sun 1969

Isamu Naguchi art

I really dig this Black Sun sculpture by Isamu Noguchi. It is a public art commission in Seattle, Washington done in 1969. Its made of Brazilian black granite and it sits in Seattle’s Volunteer Park. Not sure the inspiration for this. I like the idea of a black sun, though it reminds me a little of a wheel. Apparently the circle is a common form in Japanese gardens.

I had never heard of Isamu Noguchi before, but I’m glad that I have now, because he’s fabulous. He’s also got a VERY interesting history.

Just as an aside, I checked to see if it had any relation to Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun song. Writer and lead singer Chris Cornell said that the song’s inspiration came when he misunderstood a newscaster saying something else. [He didn’t go into detail, but what I figure is he heard the newscaster talking about the Noguchi sculpture. It is in Seattle, after all.]

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