Octave Pixel

I totally dig this Des pas si loin photograph by Octave Pixel! It translates to Not so Far. I dig the colors, the composition, the concept. For one thing it’s a photograph. It is actually digital art, more like a digital painting. But I guess it would be a photograph, nonetheless.

Not so Far could be taken any number of ways. There is a shape that looks like the continent of Africa in the painting. Not sure if that’s intentional. But that’s really far away…from me, at least.

Not so Far is sort of a synonym for Not yet, which could be the story of my life in many capacities. I have not yet found wealth and/or fame. There are many fears and doubts I have not yet conquered. I have not yet become the grown-up I thought I would be.

I don’t mean this in a disparaging way. If anything, it brings me hope. I am not there yet, but will be eventually. No rush.

Not sure what the intention for this piece was; if any of this ran across his mind.

Octave lives and works in Paris, France. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my

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