Petrit Halilaj, Very Volcanic Over this Green Feather [Tate installation]

Petrit Halilaj art

I really dig this art installation by Kosovan artist Petrit Halilaj. It’s called Very Volcanic Over this Green Feather. It was at the Tate St. Ives Museum in the UK. This is only a part of it. The installation is based on drawings Petrit made in an Albanian refuge camp during the war in Kosovo. He was 13 years old.

He watched his house burn down, he saw massacred children in the fields. The way he coped with this destruction was to draw pictures of landscapes, trees and birds, alongside of images of war and destruction. Petrit  is recreating those childhood drawings for the Tate by enlarging them with traditional fabrics, drawing and text, as well as sculpture and video.

Very volcanic over this green feather intends to reveal the complicated relationship of reality and imagination, and between the often divergent perspectives of official histories and lived experiences.

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