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Gal Pals: Brooke & Lulu discuss Andy Warhol’s Queen Elizabeth

Brooke and Lulu discuss Brooke’s pick, Andy Warhol’s Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. This is a part of his Reigning Queens series, which includes 4 ruling queens at the time: Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms, Queen Beatrix of Netherlands, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, and Queen Ntfombi Twala of Swaziland.

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My chat with Eric Shiner of the AndyWarhol Museum about the Andy Warhol | Ai Wei Wei exhibit

Episode 11: I spoke with Eric Shiner of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh about the Andy Warhol, Ai Weiwei exhibition that is going on June 4 through August 28, 2016. I was really nervous, but shouldn’t have been. Eric was super-nice!



This exhibit is basically his brainchild. He & Ai Wei Wei both collaborated on it. This is a pair that I wouldn’t have thought to put together, but the exhibit is a meeting of two artists that have more similarities and connections than meets the eye.

Andy Warhol c. Wikkimedia
Chairs, Ai WeiWei, c. Wikkimedia


Episode 6:  Today I talked with Theresa Bembnister of the Akron Art Museum about the Snack exhibition which is going on until  September 3, 2016.

snack pic

c. Akron Art Museum

This one especially appealed to me because I love food!  We talk everything from Andy Warhol’s legendary Campbell’s Soup Can painting, to why food is so inspirational, to Akron’s talented art scene.



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