Charlotte Collagist, Adrianna Button

Episode 166: Today I talk art with Charlotte artist, Adrianna Button about her fabulous collages. We talk about Inspiration, transplanting from the North, waking up early, routines, Kara Walker, Romare Bearden and much more.
Swan Lake 12”x12” Cut paper collage
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Optimism Optimism 12”x12”
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All images used with permission.

Featured image is Ama-no-Uzume 12”x12” Cut paper collage

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Frida Khalo, Diego Rivera & Mexican Modernism at the Denver Art Museum

Episode 165 : Today I get to chat with two ladies from the Denver Art Museum; Ann Lambson, Interpretive Specialist as well as Jena Pruitt, the museum’s Communications Associate about the Mexican Modernism exhibition. Both were integral parts of the production.

Calla Lily Vendor Diego Rivera


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All images used with permission.

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The art of Iowa transplant, Michael Burgher

Episode 164: Today I chat with artist, Michael Burgher. I found his channel on YouTube and knew I had to talk to him. He has a deep love of art history and a cool Surrealistic/Dada style to his painting: two things that equate to someone I want to hang out with.

All images used with permission.

Charlotte sculptor, Keith Bryant

Episode 163: Today I talk to Charlotte sculptor, Keith Bryant. I’ve been walking through and enjoying his work without even knowing it! It was so great to chat with him. He used to work exclusively with clay, but now he uses pieces from junkyards and found objects to create pieces like these. [Hard to believe that these used to be trash]. It is so inspirational how he literally breathes new life into these objects. He’s been doing his beautiful work for more than 40 years.

Procession, Levine Campus
Journey, CPCC

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Austin-based artist, Denise Prince

Episode 162: Today I talk to Austin-based artist, Denise Prince, who does these fabulous photographs. She’s really created a unique brand for herself. We talk about her Captivating not Captive project, which has encompassed her last 10 years. She was so fun to talk to. Take a listen to find out what’s behind the art.

Lipstick and Love

Ballroom Lock In

Classic Late Night

24, 36, 23 from Things I Never Told You

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All images used with permission.

Atlanta computer programmer-turned artist, Christina Steward

Episode 163: Today I talk to Christina Steward, an Atlanta-based artist. We have such an inspiring chat! She was a computer programmer until she felt an intense creative calling. So she made the switch to full-time artist and hasn’t looked back since. Since then, her work has gone through several incarnations, from painting/drawing to jewelry to knitting/ pattern designing.

Christina’s Pear Bunch was featured on the sitcom Parenthood!
Ladybug Watercolor painting
Mixed Metal Flower ring
Christina, wearing one of her scarves

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L.A. Collage artist & graphic designer, Dale Voelker

Episode 160: Today I talk to L.A. collage artist Dale Voelker, who I discovered on I was drawn in by his colorful art mixed with text. When I found out he owned a graphic design studio, I knew I had to talk to him. We talk about the line between corporate and fine art, among other things.

Absolutely Undetectable, newspaper & paint on canvas
  • All images used with permission.

    [Featured image is The Engine of Tomorrow, paper & paint on canvas]

    All except Absolutely Undetectable are available in the Saatchi gallery & can be purchased with my special link. [image or title]

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    Airing Out the Dirty Laundry Exhibition at the Mint Museum

    Episode 161: Today I talk to Andrea Downs, who is here, in Charlotte. She created the Airing Out the “Dirty” Laundry installation, that is currently at the Mint Museum of Charlotte. But Airing Out the “Dirty” Laundry is also an ongoing community art movement that responds to the silencing of women. Both create space to share experiences through visual storytelling. This installation is the collective voices of nearly 400 “Laundry Day” participants that have chosen to share their visual narratives.

    All images used with permission.

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    Stephanie Paige, Southern Californian abstract artist

    Episode 159: Today I talk to Stephanie Paige. She’s an artist in Southern California. We talk art, we talk meditation circles, we talk Buddhism, we talk about attachments, & a whole lot more…

    Dare, Stephanie Paige
    Intuitive, Stephanie Paige

    All images used with permission.

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    DeNeer Davis, Charlotte mural artist

    Episode 156: Today I talk to DeNeer Davis, onsite at her mural at Graham Street Station. We talk about all the recent projects she’s doing. She talks about the importance of “doing the work” & being a blessing on purpose.

    Tryon Street Mural
    Dammit Wesley
    Dakotah Aiyanna
    Matthew Clayburn
    Abel Jackson
    Garrison Gist
    Owl & Arko
    Kyle Mosher
    Franklin Kernes
    Kiana Mui
    Marcus Kiser
    Georgie Nakima
    Zach McLean
    Frankie Zombie
    John Hairston
    Dari Calamarip
    DeNeer Davis

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    All images used with permission.