My chat with Tamar Avishai, of The Lonely Palette

Episode 174: Today I chat with Tamar Avishai, the host of The Lonely Palette podcast, where she “returns art history to the masses, one painting at at time.” I really dig Tamar’s show, because it’s insightful, and she really has a way of making it interesting for non-artists. It was great to chat with her!

Michael Frank, Museum of BAD Art

Episode 173: Today I catch up with Michael Frank of the Museum of BAD Art in Somerville, Maryland. Interesting sidenote, we were doing the interview while news was breaking of the Insurrection of the Capitol. Only later would I find out how bad it really was.

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Adrian Chu Redmond

Episode 171: Today I catch up with Charlotte artist, Adrian Chu Redmond. We are shivering outside the local Starbucks where we first met…But I had to talk to her about her current presence in the Window of Hope exhibition in Southend. Enjoy!
Well Red, Adrian Chu Redmond

Bee Kind, Adrian Chu Redmond

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How Would an Artist Look at This? my chat with Jason Fladlien

Episode 170: Today I talk with Jason Fladlien, of Rapid Crush. We talk about how art saved his life and why he considers business an art. This started as a Zoom call, which you can see below. For some reason, my camera wasn’t working, so I posted a pic of me on before the call. This was such an insightful and inspiring chat!

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Guy Stanley Philoche

Episode 167: Today I talk to New York artist and benefactor, Guy Stanley Philoche. Guy wants to buy your art. We talk about why every time he sells a painting, he buys a painting. We talk about the transformative power of art and how art changed his life.

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Charlotte Collagist, Adrianna Button

Episode 166: Today I talk art with Charlotte artist, Adrianna Button about her fabulous collages. We talk about Inspiration, transplanting from the North, waking up early, routines, Kara Walker, Romare Bearden and much more.
Swan Lake 12”x12” Cut paper collage
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Optimism Optimism 12”x12”
Cut paper collage #sozogallery #psychologicalart #stayhomemakeart #artastherapy #contemporarycollage #contemporaryartist #contemporaryart #moderndesign #moderncollage #modernart #cutpapercollage #collageartist #papercollage #collage #art #fineartcollage #paper #collagist #illustration #cutpaper #contemporarycollage #contemporarydesign #womenartistsofinstagram

All images used with permission.

Featured image is Ama-no-Uzume 12”x12” Cut paper collage

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Frida Khalo, Diego Rivera & Mexican Modernism at the Denver Art Museum

Episode 165 : Today I get to chat with two ladies from the Denver Art Museum; Ann Lambson, Interpretive Specialist as well as Jena Pruitt, the museum’s Communications Associate about the Mexican Modernism exhibition. Both were integral parts of the production.

Calla Lily Vendor Diego Rivera


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All images used with permission.

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The art of Iowa transplant, Michael Burgher

Episode 164: Today I chat with artist, Michael Burgher. I found his channel on YouTube and knew I had to talk to him. He has a deep love of art history and a cool Surrealistic/Dada style to his painting: two things that equate to someone I want to hang out with.

All images used with permission.

Charlotte sculptor, Keith Bryant

Episode 163: Today I talk to Charlotte sculptor, Keith Bryant. I’ve been walking through and enjoying his work without even knowing it! It was so great to chat with him. He used to work exclusively with clay, but now he uses pieces from junkyards and found objects to create pieces like these. [Hard to believe that these used to be trash]. It is so inspirational how he literally breathes new life into these objects. He’s been doing his beautiful work for more than 40 years.

Procession, Levine Campus
Journey, CPCC

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