Casey Shannon’s Sumi Art

Episode 153: Today I talk to Casey Shannon. She’s had quite a career in art; creating & teaching, alike. She turned a possibly crippling event into a rebirth. She’s a fabulous Sumi Artist, who paints the sound of clapping with one hand.

Bamboo Fantasy Sumi ‐ Asian Hanging Scroll

Rugged Coast ‐ Sumi ‐ 24 x 14 

Fall on the Mountain ‐ Sumi-e (ink and watercolor) ‐ 18 x 14 

All images used with permission.

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  1. “Helly” here! I am so inspired by this podcast and what you are doing. Thank you for featuring my Mom and all the great things she has accomplished. She is my hero and my mentor.

    1. Hi Helly. 😉 Thanks so much. Your mom is awesome! I appreciate her being on the show. Glad to be her first podcast…b

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