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Listen to my chat with Art Historian, Author, & Influencer, Kristine Hardeberg…all the way in Norway

Episode 560: Listen as I chat with Kristine Hardeberg, art historian, author, teacher, influencer about her latest book, Art History for Everyone. [Affiliate link alert] It makes art history relevant to the hoi polloi. I totally dig this!!

Check out her art stories on YouTube!!

Rapimento di Proserpina, Bernini

Glassblåseren (The Glass Blower) by street artist @martinwhatson .

All images used with permission.

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Lucy Paquette:The Hammock

Episode 80  : Today I talk to author, Lucy Paquette. My research brought me to her site. Her book The Hammock is about French painter, James Tissot. I had never heard of James Tissot, so I was eager to learn more. [I mispronounce his name at first ;)]. Apologies for the feedback sounds during the podcast.



The Artist’s Ladies, James Tissot

For further information on The Victorian Web, as discussed in this interview, contact: George P. Landow, Professor of English and the History of Art Emeritus, Brown University Founder, Editor-in-chief, and Webmaster, The Victorian Web,  at and Dr. Jacqueline Banerjee, U.K. Associate Editor Twitter @VictorianWeb

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