John Slaney, Charlotte Expressionist painter

Episode 128: Today I talk to Charlotte expressionist [he shies away from the title “artist”], John Slaney, whose exhibition, Real Mixed is up at Coffey and Thompson Fine Art Gallery. His eye-catching collages are packed with thought and meaning.

[Featured Image: A man admires his neighbor’s landscaping]



PROBLEMS / modern free-standing sculptural collage

Just a Tiny Abuse of Power / original mixed media collage art

All images used with permission.

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Greg Barnes, Charlotte pastel artist

Episode 126: Today I talk with Charlotte artist, Greg Barnes about finding & doing what you were meant to do on this earth. It was such an inspiring conversation! I know you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Featured image:


Medium: Pastel on Paper
Size: 16 x 20 

Painted on location in Rockland Maine in Aug 2018.



Medium: Pastel on Paper
Availability: Available

All images used with permission.

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Cass Bradley: Charlotte Social Entrepreneur, Artist, Educator

Episode 124: Today I talk to local artist & entrepreneur, Cass Bradley. It is so inspiring! She talks about she “escaped” a successful corporate career and made a very successful artistic career. She did it! She is a master at juggling many pursuits and passions simultaneously. [p.s. that obnoxious thud is from me dropping my phone. #sorry].

[featured photo: Empowered Portrait, Shamyra Parker, c. Cass Bradley,]

ArtPop feature

Rachel Hagstrom, Wild Embers
c.Cass Bradley

Empowered Portraits c. Cass Bradley

Empowered Portraits, c. Cass Bradley

Empowered Portraits, Natalie, c. Cass Bradley

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Raymond Kaskey, Charlotte sculptor

Episode 123: Today I talk to Raymond Kaskey, who has done many large-scale sculptures, including the Windy City Man, Chicago, Sculptures on the Square, Charlotte, N.C, Queen Charlotte, Charlotte, N.C., & Hand of Noah, Silver Spring, Md., among others.

Hand of NOAA,

All images used with permission

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Patricia Boyer, Charlotte Abstract Artist

Episode 102: Today I talk to Charlotte artist, Patricia Boyer, onsite at the Coffey & Thompson Gallery. I found Patricia on Facebook…and so glad I did! She’s truly inspirational!








All images used with permission.

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Rod Wimer, Charlotte Abstract Artist

Episode 97 : Today I talk to artist and manager of the Providence Gallery, Rod Wimer. The Providence Gallery has been around since 1978! We talk about the secret to their longevity, consigning art, working as an artist, all sorts of things. Lost my voice. apologies for the croaky intro.

Abstract Art by Rod Wimer
Abstract Art by Rod Wimer
Abstract art by Rod Wimer
Abstract Art by Rod Wimer

All images c. Rod Wimer. Used with permission.

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Andrea Vail: Collecting Pile

Episode 67: Today I go visit an old friend & co-worker, Andrea Vail at her studio at the Goodyear Arts in Charlotte, NC. We talk about her Collecting Pile series.

AV (2) copy

Andrea Vail

Collecting Pile 2-2018-4288

Collecting Pile (Zenith), 2018 – detail
Donated home goods and belongings: fabrics, clothing, toys, trophies,1940’s deceased mother’s wedding gown, dentures, party favors, prop guns, tchokies, furniture
(example of knotless netting)

COLLECTING PILE_Horizon one-3 (1)

Collecting Pile (Horizon 1/3), 2018, Fabric, donated objects, 69.5” x 1.5” x 16” 
Image: Brandon Scott

IMG_20170517_132737 copy

Collecting Pile (Horizon 3/3) – detail, 2018 Fabric, donated objects, 72.5″ x 3″ x 21


Handtowel(Bloom), 2016,
Fringe, terry cloth towel, varied materials,
76” x 26” x 1”

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