CHDW:CK! Charlotte photographer

Episode 146: Today I talk to Charlotte-based artist, Chad Cartwright at his studio in C3Lab. We talk about how he got started, about his practice, what it’s like shooting nudes…


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Jan Durr, Antique Appraiser


Episode 144: Today I talk with local antiques appraiser, Jan Durr who works at Robbins Appraisals in Matthews, NC. With some real life stories, she gives a great overview to the appraising business.

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Michelle Gaugy: Art Consultant in Santa Fe, NM

Episode 140: Today I talk to Michelle Gaugy, Art Consultant & the former owner of the Gaugy Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I found her on Quora.com, where she answered some questions I was interested in, regarding art markets. I looked her up on Facebook & connected with her there.

The Gaugy Gallery
Artist, Jean-Claude Gaugy 

All images used with permission.

Ruth Ann Thorn, owner of Exclusive Collections Gallery in Southern California

Episode 139: Today I talk to Ruth Ann Thorn of The Exclusive Collections Gallery in Solana Beach, California. I found out about Ruth Ann on the Art Dealer Show podcast. I knew I had to have her on my show. She’s fabulous!

[Featured image Henry Asencio “In Bloom” Open Edition Print]
Michael Flohr “Maker’s Best” Limited Edition Print

Gloria Lee “Spring” Limited Edition Print

All images c. EC Gallery

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Darren Bowen, Charlotte photographer


Episode 133: Today I talk to an old friend, Darren Bowen, of Darren Bowen Photography. I met Darren when I worked at a Starbucks, downtown. He has since become quite the photographer. It’s a good time catching up, finding out what he’s been up to since I saw him over 10 years ago! [It’s a lot!]

Coffee Stop
Candy Town

All images c. Darren Bowen Photography. Used with permission

Check out the design Darren did with full text version of our chat on his website. It’s really great!

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