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Cassandra Richardson of The Lexicon Gallery in Charlotte

Episode 537: Seasoned gallery director and new gallery owner, Cassandra Richardson talks about opening the Lexicon Gallery and her inaugural exhibition, The Garden of Earthly Delights, which she has been planning for 21 years. We talk for over an hour. It was such a great [and valuable] conversation that I didn’t cut anything out.

Just a few highlights from the exhibition…

Serpent Tree Wall sculptures by Allison Luces
Mary Zio

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My chat with Italian artist, curator, and magazine editor Vanessa Rusci

Episode 536: Today I talk art with photographer, curator, & editor of the No Name Collective magazine, Vanessa Ruscis. The No Name Collective features emerging artists. We will actually be working together to build a bridge of sorts from the US to Europe. She is indulging me with an audio interview. She was really nervous about her English, but I think she did great! Enjoy!

Harrod’s 1999
My London series
original photography for sale

All images used with permission.

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2020 Vision Project, The Vermont Curators’ Group

Episode 148: Today I talk to Andrea Rosen and Gillian Sewake about The Vermont Curators’ Group and their 2020 Vision Project. Its a really cool alliance of curators and they’ve got a great series of joint exhibitions planned throughout Vermont for 2020 .

Art of Sound
teamLab, Flowers and People – Gold, 2015, interactive digital work

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Ruth Ann Thorn, owner of Exclusive Collections Gallery in Southern California

Episode 139: Today I talk to Ruth Ann Thorn of The Exclusive Collections Gallery in Solana Beach, California. I found out about Ruth Ann on the Art Dealer Show podcast. I knew I had to have her on my show. She’s fabulous!

[Featured image Henry Asencio “In Bloom” Open Edition Print]
Michael Flohr “Maker’s Best” Limited Edition Print

Gloria Lee “Spring” Limited Edition Print

All images c. EC Gallery

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Intersection: Art & Life: Kevin Wallace

Episode 104: Today Kevin Wallace returns to the podcast. He is the director of Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts in Ojai, California. When I found out he had another book out, of course I wanted to talk about it. He is here to talk about & promote his new book, Intersection: Art & Life.

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The Impossible Ideal: Victorian Fashion and Femininity


Episode 85: Today I talk with Andrea Rosen at The Fleming, at the University of Vermont. She tells me all about The Impossible Ideal exhibition. She tells us how the beautiful fashions of the Victorian era were a form of misogyny. This exhibition will be up until December 15, 1018


LEFT: Ball Gown, about 1860. Cream moiré silk taffeta with floral damask, trimmed with green silk satin, cream bobbin lace, and embroidered ribbon. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Falls 1960.20.43 RIGHT: Suit-Style Two-Piece Dress, about 1895. Black and red silk with red silk and white lace. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas, Terrill Hall Collection 1987.11.570.


Dress worn by Ellen Miller Johnson, Class of 1878, for her graduation from UVM, 1878. Blue changeable silk with mother-of-pearl buttons and white net.
Gift of L. Douglas Meredith 1960.2


Boots, about 1910
Wichert & Co., New York (active about 1900-1920s)
Leather and wool gabardine
Gift of Mrs. Frederick P. Smith and Mrs. Frank H. Davis 1968.5.16


Joseph Ives Pease (1809-1883)
“Godey’s Paris Fashions Americanized” in Godey’s Lady’s Book, April 1849. Hand-colored engraving.
Museum collection 1975.23.6 LA




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Such Friends

Episode 78: I met Kathleen Dixon Donnelly on Facebook. She’s a writer who lives in Birmingham, UK with her Irish husband. She is originally from Pittsburgh.

Our research cross paths & her blog, Such Friends covers a lot of the same people in the Irish Literary Revival that I am writing about.  I wanted to have her on the podcast so  we could chat about the subject of my upcoming book.



Hugh Lane, portrait by John Singer Sargent


William Butler Yeats and friends


W.B.Yeats, Lady Gregory and Robert Gregory at Coole. c.

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